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Summer Kiss

I don’t fear commitments, I just haven’t met the right person to commit to …

Until, I walk in and see one of the best God’s creations, a man. Whoa, baby.

He’s powerfully built, towering and chiselled like Michelangelo’s masterpiece sculpture David, but with longer equipment.

He is drizzled with sweat – and I’m imbued with blazing desire.

I watch him growling while exerting forceful effort to lift those weights and my inner self is moaning in fantasy that he’s bending me over.

I wasn’t excited to be a nanny, to be honest. The problem is, I wasn’t excited to do anything after failing my so-called grandiose business idea.

My sister got me into this. And damn, I don’t mind at all after getting a closer look of him.

He is my next project.